by Common Ground

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released October 24, 2013

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Drew Wilburne and Daniel Lauder.
Clip in The Last Days from string quartet (smothered bodies, slender bodies) by Justin Hoke



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Common Ground Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We are just four dudes that love hardcore. Download our S/T EP for free now.

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Track Name: The Last Days
In the end, there will be no law to bind us
I try and try, but again and again, I fall short of righteousness
Blood was shed for the redemption of men
Blood was shed for the redemption of men
Track Name: To The Grave
Take it all down to the grave
I’m looking for the place where I don’t have to pretend
to have it all together, but I can’t find an end
to the cycle, a nameless face among the crowd
a nameless face in the crowd
the devil knocks at my door, but I refuse to answer
the call of the wicked haunts my past disaster
but I was built to last in a world so cold the clock is ticking fast,
it’s time to take a step back, asses the situation
my mind is clouded with all this useless conversation in my head
running from the torture, take it to the grave
bury this pain
I’ll take it to my grave
Track Name: A.T.W.A.R.
So tell the reaper I’m ready
to face my fate
to meet my maker, so I can spit on the devil’s grave
I came from dust, and to it I will return
Living out far worse than death,
Why can’t you see the coming deception, pollution, rejection, extinction…extinction
Hell on earth, injustice reigns, drenched in chaos, but my debt’s been paid
Hell on earth, injustice reigns, drenched in chaos, but my debt’s been paid
Track Name: Injustice
Injustice for all, and all marked for judgment
You can plead insanity
But what will that help
When the judge knows the hearts of man
Judged according to his plan
Track Name: Demise of Humanity
Greed takes over the mind, kills the body and stains the soul
Locked inside the prison of mind control
I drive a hole in my head, still can't relieve the pressure
I feel it slipping away, death is coming quicker

They instill thoughts in the minds of the weak
People manipulated with ease
From birth to death always following the leader
A mindless army of self-serving consumers

Brainwashed Insanity, Demise of Humanity
Brainwashed Insanity, Demise of Humanity
Darkness feeds infernal deeds
Smashing through the ranks, intoxicated by greed
Beneath the hooves I trample the weak